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Hi, and welcome to our web site!

We are Torild and Ole Josef Lybekk.We live in the beautiful countryside 60 kilometers east of Oslo, close to the Swedish border. We both had dogs growing up.When we got married in 1986 it was only natural to have dogs together in our new home.

Through the years we have had a huntingdog, a japanese spitz and a mixed breed. Common for theese three dogs were that they had a rough start in life. With time, effort and a lot of love they all turned into wonderful family dogs. We always will remember them with gratitude.In addition to theese three dogs, we´ve had papillons. When our last papillon past away, our wish for chihuahua grew bigger and bigger. In January 2001 our wish came true, as we brought home our very first and longed for chihuahua boy from Kennel Rossanty. (Mrs Pamela Steineger) After careful planning we bought our first chihuahua girl from Kennel Dyrdal the summer of 2005.

We have bred some litters of Chihuahuas, including a Junior World Winner 2010: Flor De Canelas Zapateado. We have decided not to breed Chihuahuas any more. They will of course stay as pets.Our main focus now is breeding Griffons.

We bought our first Petit Brabancon in 2010. A wonderful red male from kennel Griffmakers. In the summer of 2014 we bought two grown females from the same kennel. These girls would become the fondation in our breeding, and we are endlessly grateful for this opportunity. Big thanks to Mrs Berit Wang!Since then, Cayafas Nemorino and Cayafa´s Orcana Hot also moved in and I want to thank Mrs Birgitta Friman as well for trusting us.

Our dogs are living with us as dear familymembers, and that is how we want it to be. We wish to have a small breeding in a loving home enviroment. The joy of raising healthy, sound puppies with exellent temperament confirming the breed, is most important. ¨We are proud members of the Norwegian Toy Dog Club.


Particular, and some times difficult, so they say. Control freak, eternal pessimist and anxiuos by nature. Hibernates during the winther and wakes up when the camping season starts. Easy to please. A bit spoiled. Loves dogs and camping. Outdoors woman and PC-addict. Honest and can speak her mind when neccesary. and some times when not....

Ole Josef:

Absentminded. Handyman when he wants to be, otherwise has loads of time when things need to be done. Somewhat untidy and forgetful. Eagar handler, and when doing so everything is in tip top order. Eternal optimist! Zealous hunter, fisherman and a real nature lover. Adores animals and nice as a pie except during the hunting season.... Drives, carries, brews coffee and loves life on the road!

Kennel Cayafa´s

A big thanks goes to Mrs Birgitta Friman at in Sweden with over 30 years experience as a Griffon breeder. She is not only our menthor, but also a dear friend. Always ready too share her knowledge and a good laugh!